Volunteer Story – Alice

Alice has volunteered at two of Light’s peer support groups, and never fails to bring a smile, warmth, humour and compassion. Thank you Alice for all that you bring to Light and for sharing your experiences to help so many others.

 Why did you want to volunteer for Light?

Motherhood brings many joys but also many challenges, I wanted to use my own experience of being a parent to provide help and comfort to others.

Having experienced postnatal illness and puerperal psychosis I understand the feeling of being worthless and having the feeling that there isn’t anybody to talk to. I can use this experience to help others suffering a difficult time, by assuring them that they’re not alone and there is help and support for all.

What is the best thing about volunteering for Light?

Meeting mums who feel rock bottom when they initially come to us but seeing them progress and come out of their shell gives me a sense of joy and achievement that I’ve been there to contribute towards that.

The level of support for volunteers is excellent and it’s always easy to have a conversation with staff regarding anything at any time. I also thank Light for giving me this opportunity to volunteer as it has led to me gaining a career in mental health.

Can you describe what volunteering means to you in three words?

Meaningful, joyful and life changing.

Volunteering at Light is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I would recommend this service to all.