One-to-One Support

Please visit here: Light support during Covid-19

Whilst attending peer support groups can be hugely beneficial to many, we understand that it’s not always possible or that sometimes it can be daunting going to a group for the first time.

Our one-to-one buddying programme can help mums, dads and their families by offering personal, tailored support. This service is provided by our trained staff and volunteers, all of whom have had their own experience of perinatal mental health illnesses and of being parents, and so can offer the empathy and understanding that many struggling parents need.

Face to Face Support

Light can offer face to face support from trained peer volunteers and staff. We can meet you 1:1 at our drop in facility, or meet you for a coffee, at a park or local children’s centre. Contact us if you would like more information on 0114 438 8962 or email

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Email and Telephone

Our volunteers and staff can provide email, text and telephone support to mums. We can offer advice on local support services, or just a listening ear. Please contact us if you feel like you need to talk to someone.