The Light Team


I am honoured to be the Chief Executive of Light.

I am a mum of three and have worked as a Health Visitor in the past.

I am extremely passionate about the work that Light does and to be able to make a difference to families is incredibly rewarding.

I am responsible for managing the day to day running of the charity, seeking and securing funding to enable us to continue the vital support we offer to the families of South Yorkshire, and working hard with the Light team to make sure the support we offer reaches all those who need it.

Peer Support Workers


I have been a dental nurse for 11 years but recently decided to join the light team as I am very passionate about pre and postnatal mental health.
I suffered with postnatal depression with my second child and understand the ups and downs of being a mum and the pressures that come with it.
I love listening to each individual and offering support and advice.
I am constantly learning and striving to be better by attending different courses and learning off all you amazing mums and dads. Outside of work I mainly spend it entertaining my 2 boys or trying to have a hot cup of coffee.
I have worked for Light since October 2021 as a peer support worker.  I have lived experience of birth trauma as well as postnatal depression and anxiety.
As a peer support worker, I run peer support groups and also offer one to one weekly peer support, both online and in person.
I provide a safe, supportive, non-judgemental space for service users to talk about whatever they feel they need to. I know first-hand how incredibly valuable peer support can be and am very passionate about supporting maternal mental health. I absolutely love my job.

As a peer support worker, I use my own lived experiences of parenthood and mental health to offer non-judgemental support to others. I want people to know that mental health is temporary and although it may not always seem like it; there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

I have previously run parenting courses, parent and baby groups, and youth clubs.

My passion for supporting parenting and creating positive outcomes for families led me to become a peer support worker at Light.


Mental Health, both during and after pregnancy, is something I am passionate about. Having my own, lived experience of Post Natal Depression and anxiety means I am able to empathise with the parents I support, and offer a listening ear, free of judgement, in a safe space.
I provide both One-to-one, and group support, and love that Light are able to offer this vital service to our users.
Being a part of the Light team is like being a part of a family, and I adore my ‘job’.
You are never alone, and though we can sometimes find ourselves in some dark places, Light is here to carry you through
Peer Support Co-Ordinators
I have been involved with Light since 2014 when my youngest child was born, initially as a mum at group receiving support.
I went on to volunteer and then became a paid employee as a volunteer coordinator, recruiting volunteers who are passionate to help others through the difficult times by sharing their lived experiences.
 I am passionate about peer support as I know first-hand the positive impact it makes. In my previous roles have I coordinated services for children and families experiencing life limiting illness and disability.
I have worked for Light for just over 2 years. I have my own son and personal experience with perinatal metal health and the reality of parenting.
My previous roles have included working in family care and mental health crisis support.
I am responsible for managing all referrals that come to Light and ensuring the support is put into place for the families who register.
I am passionate about the work we do here at Light and feel honoured to work closely with families to achieve positive change.



I retired from the NHS in 2015, where I was a health professional, working specifically with women suffering mental health problems who were pregnant and/or had just had a baby. I set up the Sheffield Perinatal Mental Health Service in 2001 and worked in the role of Clinical Service Manager to ensure that women in the Sheffield area who were suffering from mental illness around childbirth were supported. I myself suffered from postnatal depression following the births of each of my four children, all of whom are now grown up and I have three grandchildren so far!  I have been committed to supporting Light from its inception. It is my ambition to improve the services and resources available to women who are suffering from mental health problems around childbirth and I am very happy to be working with Light who also shares this vision.


I am a working mother of 3 children. I have over 25 years experience working in the public sector and volunteered with the NHS at the Perinatal Mental Health Centre, which is where I met Jan Cubison. I have a degree in psychology and was working towards a clinical psychology doctorate. The pressures of work and running a family home meant that I never completed my piece of research that I started! I did however become very interested in mental illness around childbirth and realised that there was a need to support those women in Sheffield who were not severely ill enough or lucky enough to gain access to the NHS perinatal services. I enjoy being active in my community and served on other voluntary management committees at children’s After School Club and our local secondary school Parent Teacher Association.


I am currently a full time mum to 2 children, aged 4 and 1. Until recently I worked in IT, in various roles including project finance officer where I gained many skills I can bring to Light as Treasurer.

I first heard about Light when I was referred to Perinatal Mental Health team suffering PND with my first child. I had struggled alone for 8 months after his birth without telling anyone because I was ashamed; I felt it was my fault, that I must be a bad mother. At times I even thought I’d have my baby taken from me if I sought help. Now with 2 children I can compare my two experiences and my PND was mild with my 2nd child. I put that down to the support I had. Support such as Light provides for families across Sheffield.

I want to raise awareness of PND and tackle the stigma that I felt. I want mums to feel safe and confident seeking support through Light.


I’m passionate about increasing awareness of and improving access to support for those who need help with their emotional and mental health.  It is personal for me; I have observed first-hand the impact depression, anxiety and more have on people I care about.  Light provides fantastic support to women and families across South Yorkshire but we’d like to do more. It is my mission to help diversify our income streams, increase awareness of the support Light provides and, in doing so, build sustainable relationships with businesses and others in Sheffield and beyond.

I have worked in marketing and communications for the last 20 years, in a range of senior positions.  I currently run a marketing & communications consultancy based in Sheffield. I’m also a qualified athletics coach and an Executive in Residence at Sheffield Business School.

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