Post Partum Psychosis or Puerperal Psychosis

This is the extreme end of the scale for women suffering with PND. It is rare and occurs in approximately 1 in 500 new mothers. The onset of PP is very sudden and usually occurs within the first 4 weeks after giving birth.Abstract loneliness concept

Symptoms are very terrifying for both sufferers and their family and friends. A sufferer will perhaps hear voices, see things that are not there or believe they, or their baby evil.

What causes PP?

Women with a history of psychotic episodes and a history of personal or family mental illness like bi polar disorder are most at risk. The dramatic change in a woman’s hormones is also thought to be a major contributory factor to developing PP. There is a risk of suicidal tendencies whilst suffering from PP as the patient believes what they are seeing and hearing is real, that is why getting help immediately is necessary.

If you feel you have PP you need medical help immediately, please contact your GP, Health Visitor or go direct to your local Accident and Emergency Department.