‘On A Lighter Note Podcast’

Here is the links to our episodes of our podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/6esSFNw8WssUuNiaTq9Kie?si=06353b6597fe4991 We hope you enjoy listening 🙂

Meadowhall – Reach Out Community Information Road Show

Here at Light, we know all to well that parenthood can be tough. So, ahead of mother’s day this Sunday, we are pleased to announce that Light will be at Meadowhall Friday 25th & Saturday 26th March as part of the ‘Reach Out Community Information Roadshow’. We want to spread the word that support is […]

Peer Support Groups

Find out the latest days and times for our face-to-face and virtual peer support groups.

Expressive Writing Group

The Perinatal Mental Health teams are very excited to launch a new writing group for mums in Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster who have experienced mental health issues around the time of having a baby.

Maternal Mental Health – Journey to recovery.

How can peer support help in the journey to recovery? Perinatal peer support can play a huge part in supporting parents through those difficult and scary times. Peer support is having ‘someone in your corner’, someone who understands, has been through or is going through it now with you and gets it. They listen without […]

Mindfulness sleep tips

This mindfulness exercise involves 4 aspects. Feel free to focus on one or more of these aspects if they resonate well with you. 1. Breathing: – Start by getting yourself into a position where you feel most comfortable or relaxed. This could be sitting in a chair or lying on your bed. – Begin the […]