Referral guidelines

1. Who can refer to Light Peer Support?

Anyone including family, GPs, midwives, health visitors, family support workers and other relevant health professionals and organisations, but all referrals must have the consent of the person being referred. We also accept self-referrals.

2. Who is seen by Light Peer Support?

Mothers whose main presenting issue and/or primary diagnosis is perinatal mental ill health (PMI). This can be in the antenatal time frame or up to 2 years after birth. We will also accept referrals, in exceptional cases, where it has become apparent that PMI went undiagnosed and symptoms are still being experienced.

3. What to consider when thinking about making a referral to Light Peer Support?

Is the client pregnant or have they recently had a baby? Are they currently experiencing anxiety and depression related to this experience? What is the severity of their perinatal mental health symptoms, and how is it impacting on family life? Duration of difficulties (have symptoms presented since onset of pregnancy or since birth within the last year or so?) Complexity of difficulties, i.e. multiple risk factors / many professionals involved/ complex family difficulties? Are there any child protection concerns? In the event of serious child protection concerns – CYPS must be informed prior to referring to Light Peer Support. Does the family want support from Light Peer Support? (The family must have given consent to the referral) How can the family be helped to facilitate engagement with Light Peer Support?

4. Exclusions

Mothers whose symptoms appear to be mainly due to relationship break down, physical and/or emotional abuse, poor housing, poverty, or substance misuse.

Referral information required:
A fully completed Referral Form, either professional or self-referral.

In case of query tel: 0114 4388962 or email: