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Forum Rules

These rules apply to the Forum and all the discussion topics on our site.

  1. Remember the human. Behind everybody’s nickname, picture, and words, is a human being with real feelings. Please be kind. We are made up of people of all
    ethnicities, backgrounds, faiths/no-faith, abilities, sexualities, gender identities. Please
    respect others as you would wish to be respected, and remember that many here are hurting and vulnerable. There is no place here for intolerant or rude behaviour, and we do not want to see the pain of discrimination being added to the challenges of perinatal mental illness, for anybody.
  2. No “ad hominem”. “Ad hominem” arguments attack the person, rather than disagreeing with the specifics of what they’re saying. It’s OK to respectfully disagree with each other – in fact, that’s a good thing, as it gives readers a wider range of viewpoints to learn about. But it’s not OK to belittle what somebody has said by attacking them personally.
  3. Other people’s views and experiences are valid. We all have very different experiences of parenting, and of mental illness. We all have different needs. Try to concentrate on describing your own views and experiences as best as you can for others to understand. At the same time, take care to avoid implying that your different experiences make somebody else’s less valid or less correct.
  4. We all make mistakes. It’s hard to make sense of things sometimes, and communication only through typed words is not easy. Please be open to what others are saying if they feel angry or hurt by anything you’ve written, and please remember that an apology is a sign of strength. Likewise, please try to assume goodwill in others if you need to highlight a mistake they’ve made.
  5. Moderators’ decisions are final. We are lucky enough to have some great volunteers moderating these forums. They may sometimes have to make difficult decisions that you may not always agree with. Please help them to do their jobs by supporting them and respecting their decisions.
  6. Please don’t SHOUT – we can hear you just fine. Please avoid writing in capital letters. It’s much harder to read, and it can come across like shouting.
  7. Copyright – please be careful about posting anything you don’t own. It’s OK to
    post snippets from prose or poems. UK “fair use” law allows excerpts to be used in reviews or discussions. Please don’t wholesale copy the written works of others into our forums though, or we may have to remove them. Likewise, avoid posting pictures, images or audio here unless you own them yourself. None of this applies to links to other websites like YouTube, or other people’s blogs. What they do there is not our responsibility, so we’re not going to worry about it.