Volunteers & Counsellors news & thanks!

Light is pleased that our counselling service has recently started up again, we have 4 counselling students completing their 100 hour placement with us at the moment, and another 2 to hopefully start in the new year.  This is great news for the mums and dads who are benefitting from peer support from Light already but need access to a professional counselling service.

All our counsellors are registered with BRCP and adhere to its framework and ethics.

Volunteers: we need YOU!
I’m sure we’re all setting new year’s resolutions to make 2021 a better year, have you thought about volunteering a couple of hours a week to help other mums and dads who are struggling with their mental health? Volunteering brings a great sense of achievement.  Peer support is such a powerful way in which we help one another, you don’t need any formal qualifications – peer support relies on you using your own lived experiences to offer empathy and support to others.  Get in touch contactus@lightpeersupport.org.uk

A message from the volunteer coordinator:
Back in March Covid-19 brought an abrupt stop to the way Light offer peer support, our volunteers were unable to be with us as we moved into working from home.

The Light staff worked tirelessly to make sure men and women were supported and have been busy facilitating groups as well as offering one to one support.

We now have a small team of new volunteers who are keen to work alongside the Light peer support workers in offering one to one support to men and women and facilitating our virtual support groups.

Thank You!
We would like to thank and welcome our new volunteers Amanda, Emma, Libby, Joanne, Lora, Abbie, Ben, Cassandra, Kate, Pauline, Kelsey, Louise, Rachel and Sarah and our counsellors Helen, George, Owen and Lianne. you are all a fantastic part of our team.